You need install a software and set the following details to use your local computer as a SPARQL Endpoint. Here you are:

  1. Visit Jena Apache

    1. Instead of downloading the latest version (but requires something else, avoid the further details) hit Previous releases

      1. Hit Binaries
      2. Hit and download.

    2. Exract apache-jena-fuseki-3.17.0, move it under your C:/ .Do not duplicate apache-jena-fuseki-3.17.0 folder.
    3. Create /ds or /data subfolder.
  2. Open the Command Prompt (CMD)

    1. Find the folder
    2. Open the folder and cd inside it.
    3. Execute fuseki-server --update --mem /ds instruction.
  3. Open any browser but Mozilla is recommended.

    1. Hit http://localhost:3030/
    2. Upload your Rdf (data).
  4. After you upload your own data, query on it.